Children with Emotional Issues

Wise Advice: Evaluate before treating

Professional treatment starts with careful evaluation. The child's needs, his internal pain and his conflicts must be carefully understood in a deep way. The context of the family and the school must also be carefully considered. With the above knowledge, effective methods of intervention can be chosen. This will lead to more complete treatment of the symptoms, shorter treatment time and often saving of money.

Early intervention is very worthwhile because the intervention is usually shorter, more effective and more complete than later treatment. Also delaying treatment more often than not leads to worsening of the issues.

When considering treatment options, it is advisable to seek an expert opinion by a qualified professional who is familiar with children and various methods of intervention.

In my work I use many methods and tools. Here are a few of the options:

Play Therapy
Staff Guidance
Dyadic Therapy
Selective Mutism
Family Therapy