Shlomo Golub

Licensed Psychologist

Phone: 052-711-3238
2/19 Rechov Sheshet Hayamim
Ramat Eshkol, Jerusalem
052-711-3238 Jerusalem

Educational Advice, Parent Guidance



I very much believe in educate youth according (to his or her unique) way. Yet I have observed that the child's way is often misunderstood, causing education to be misapplied. For example, there are numerous reasons why a child might find it hard to sit quietly in class, yet the assumed cause is often inaccurate or incomplete, causing inappropriate intervention.

The same principles apply for parenting. See Your Unique Child.

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Diagnostic educational assessments of students from 3 through adulthood, including diagnosis, recommendations, and referrals to relevant specialists.
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Therapy addressing needs related to social skills, anxiety related to school work, testing, or socialization, trauma, selective mutism, aggression, depression, bullying, sexual abuse, attachment dificulties and many other issues.
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Parent training, teacher training, and in-service for school staff. Adjusting parenting and education to match this unique child.