Shlomo Golub

Licensed Psychologist

Phone: 052-711-3238
2/19 Rechov Sheshet Hayamim
Ramat Eshkol, Jerusalem
052-711-3238 Jerusalem

Assessment & Diagnostic Testing



The purpose of psycho-educational assessment is to clearly understand your child's (or your own) profile of abilities and tendencies in order to inform effective intervention. Usually there are one or more presenting difficulties and we seek to understand what underlies these difficulties while trying also to find strengths that can be used to your child's advantage to compensate.

A standard battery might include a set of intelligence tests and a number of other instruments that will check for learning disabilities, social disorders, emotional disorders, difficulty in controlling attention, behavior difficulties and the like.

The psycho-educational assessment report provided at the conclusion of assessment includes diagnosis (if applicable), recommendations, and referrals to relevant specialists (as needed). If called for, follow up meetings to guide intervention can be arranged.

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Diagnostic educational assessments of students from 3 through adulthood, including diagnosis, recommendations, and referrals to relevant specialists.
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Therapy addressing needs related to social skills, anxiety related to school work, testing, or socialization, trauma, selective mutism, aggression, depression, bullying, sexual abuse, attachment dificulties and many other issues.
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Parent training, teacher training, and in-service for school staff. Adjusting parenting and education to match this unique child.